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18 Jul

Hypnopaedia: The Breakthrough Science Of Sleep Learning

Posted in Sleep Learning on 18.07.10

In recent years, more and more people have become enamored by the idea of sleep learning. These are the same people who wanted to look for more effective ways of self-development beyond the conscious realm.

Hypnosis used to be everybody’s answer; but while it is effective, it doesn’t last very long either. On the other hand, sleep learning (also known as hypnopaedia), can last for as long as you’re asleep! And if you normally sleep for seven to eight hours or more, then you’ll be able to maximize those hours effectively!

While this field of study is relatively unheard of compared to the other sciences, it is one of the most groundbreaking discoveries of all time! Through hypnopaedia, we are able to touch parts of our unconscious that nobody has ever reached before! And yes, that includes the hypnotherapists.

Several studies have shown that sleep learning does affect a person’s mind. One popular example is that of an experiment conducted by Lawrence LeShan. In his experiment, LeShan wanted to see if he could use this amazing science to make 20 nail biters stop biting their nails by using a tape that played the message, “My fingernails taste terribly bitter” 300 times for 54 nights. The result? 40% of the subjects stopped biting their nails!

Today, neuro-scientists are doing their best to maximize the effectiveness of hypnopaedia. However, you can start doing your own experiments right this evening! Choose from one of many sleep programming CDs available and pop it in your CD player or computer.

You might be surprised to find yourself in a much better state of mind the morning after! This is your opportunity to program your mind exactly the way you want it to think, and acquire powerful new habits and skills in mind-bending speed… all while sleeping!

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