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27 Jul

Sleep Programming: Is It The Laziest And Easiest Way To Self-Improvement?

Posted in Sleep Programming on 27.07.10

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Sleep Programming is a breakthrough audio technology that feeds life-changing suggestions to your brain and reprograms your mind while you are at your most receptive state – when you are sleeping!

It is created by Hale Carlton, an expert in brainwave technology and sleep learning. It’s been proven to work by San Diego University, and is being used daily by the US Government to help train new military recruits.

Sleep Programming is officially more powerful than hypnosis. Let me explain… Although hypnosis can alter your habits and mindset, you may have to pay expensive fees and go through a number of one-hour sessions to really see profound results.

I’m not a big fan of paying thousands of dollars to a hypnotherapist (I’d rather be the highly paid hypnotist). And I don’t prefer spending time commuting to their place and sitting in their chair while forcing myself to relax.

If you’re like me, you would rather experience massive personal change at the comfort of your own home, in your own sweet time. In this case, Sleep Programming suits your needs perfectly!

In fact, you don’t even have to use any of your waking time to learn a new skill or improve a certain aspect of your life, because the mind programming process happens automatically while you’re sleeping! Just imagine experiencing dramatic results without having to sacrifice any of your daytime activities.

And if you don’t like to pay hefty fees to a therapist on every session, you’ll be thrilled to know that Sleep Programming can save you literally thousands of dollars! From boosting your confidence and IQ, to improving your relationships, to losing weight, to enjoying lasting happiness and freedom – Sleep Programming has its own individual recordings for various solutions you want to attain… and you get everything for a low one-time investment!

Are there any drawbacks? To address any concerns that you may have, I have listed down its pros and cons to give you a clearer picture of what to expect:


1) The laziest and most effortless self-improvement program on the planet. With sleep learning, you get to experience massive change automatically, while you’re asleep! Can anything get any easier than this?

2) Does NOT interfere with your normal daytime plans or activities.

3) Save hundreds to thousands of dollars in hypnotherapy sessions.


1) May take a few days for you to “adjust” to hearing the sounds if you’re not used to it. But it all becomes natural and relaxing after a few days; you might even look forward to sleeping time.

2) Other people in the same room (who may not be as interested in personal development as you are) may prefer sleeping in complete silence. If this is the case, you can use a headphone.

In summary, I highly recommend getting a copy of Sleep Programming if you’re serious in improving yourself (and especially if you don’t have time to do that). Since you’re sleeping anyway, why not simultaneously turn those hours everyday into learning or personal growth time?

The Sleep Programming Package is available in both Audio CD and Downloadable Version. I would recommend the Audio CD version if you have a slow internet connection, because the files are quite large and might take some time to download. But if you want to save, have a fast internet connection or you will only be downloading it to your iPod – then the Downloadable Version would do.

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Special Offer: If you order Sleep Programming here or if you get the Discounted Downloadable Version, I will give you two mind-blowing bonuses entitled: Brain Power Enhancement Techniques and Secrets To Memory Enhancement In A Week. Along with Sleep Programming, these e-Books will help you realize your brain’s full potential and superboost your memory.

To claim these bonuses, simply email me your Receipt Number at with the subject line “Brain Memory Bonuses.” I will send you the Download Link to these bonuses asap.

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20 Jul

Sleep Programming Review: Did It Help My Friend John?

Posted in Sleep Programming Review on 20.07.10

A while back, I was searching for the most effective self-help programs when I chanced upon a Sleep Programming review. And now, here I am, ready with my own take on things.

But before I take things further, I must tell you how much time I have dedicated to personal development. I believe that it is one of the most important things to consider in life. That’s actually how I got into the science of sleep learning in the first place, or hypnopaedia as neuro-scientists call it.

I wanted to find a way to really get in touch with my inner self and unleash my unconscious mind power – using the least amount of time and effort. As of this moment, nothing compares to sleep programming when it comes to effortless and lasting personal change.

Just think about it. When is the best time for you to program your mind? Isn’t it when you’re at your most relaxed state? And when are you at your most relaxed state? It’s when you’re sleeping, of course!

Our mind is a powerful thing. Even when it’s asleep, it’s still receiving information. While you can program your mind to absorb information, you can also use sleep learning to improve other aspects of yourself that might be more difficult to deal with when you’re awake.

Take my friend John’s situation for example. He was not the most confident person in the room. That I can tell you right off the bat. And no matter how much he had tried to put himself out there, it’s really difficult for him to just switch to confident mode.

Learning a foreign language while awake is one thing, but consciously learning to be confident is another! That’s when I told John about the science of hypnopaedia. Since then, he has found it to be very useful in dealing with aspects of himself that he could not deal with while awake.

For my friend John, hypnopaedia has bridged the gap between his conscious and unconscious. He has only just begun exploring the wonders of sleep programming, but I can tell you right now that it has improved his self-esteem significantly!

If you want to experience that same change for yourself, I suggest you try your hand at sleep learning right away! I guarantee that you won’t even lose sleep over this.

Click Here To Change Your Life While Sleeping!

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18 Jul

Hypnopaedia: The Breakthrough Science Of Sleep Learning

Posted in Sleep Learning on 18.07.10

In recent years, more and more people have become enamored by the idea of sleep learning. These are the same people who wanted to look for more effective ways of self-development beyond the conscious realm.

Hypnosis used to be everybody’s answer; but while it is effective, it doesn’t last very long either. On the other hand, sleep learning (also known as hypnopaedia), can last for as long as you’re asleep! And if you normally sleep for seven to eight hours or more, then you’ll be able to maximize those hours effectively!

While this field of study is relatively unheard of compared to the other sciences, it is one of the most groundbreaking discoveries of all time! Through hypnopaedia, we are able to touch parts of our unconscious that nobody has ever reached before! And yes, that includes the hypnotherapists.

Several studies have shown that sleep learning does affect a person’s mind. One popular example is that of an experiment conducted by Lawrence LeShan. In his experiment, LeShan wanted to see if he could use this amazing science to make 20 nail biters stop biting their nails by using a tape that played the message, “My fingernails taste terribly bitter” 300 times for 54 nights. The result? 40% of the subjects stopped biting their nails!

Today, neuro-scientists are doing their best to maximize the effectiveness of hypnopaedia. However, you can start doing your own experiments right this evening! Choose from one of many sleep programming CDs available and pop it in your CD player or computer.

You might be surprised to find yourself in a much better state of mind the morning after! This is your opportunity to program your mind exactly the way you want it to think, and acquire powerful new habits and skills in mind-bending speed… all while sleeping!

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