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16 Jul

Sleep Programming: What Exactly Is It?

Posted in Sleep Programming on 16.07.10

Have you ever heard of the phenomenon called sleep learning? Basically, it’s feeding your mind with information and/or affirmations while it’s at its most receptive and relaxed state (which is during sleep).

You might think that this kind of stuff only happens in Sci-Fi movies, and so did I; but I was very surprised to learn that there’s a whole branch of science dedicated to it called hypnopaedia.

Delving deeper into the matter, I also found out that there is a powerful program on the Internet called Sleep Programming wherein you listen to pre-recorded messages that will supposedly help change your life!

This program was created by Hale Carlton – the same guy who invented the Meditation Program. It is highly praised by self-improvement experts, including Bradley Thompson of Quantum Cookbook fame.

Whether you want to lose weight, gain more confidence, boost your intelligence or get answers from your dreams – sleep learning will help you effortlessly achieve all that, and more!

It might sound a little far-fetched, but I guess that’s how advanced hypnopaedia has become. And while I have nothing against old-school learning, wouldn’t you want to explore sleep programming yourself? After all, we’re not exactly busy when we’re asleep.

According to studies, an average person sleeps for 22 years in his lifetime. Can you imagine how many hours of learning that is? Why not use those hours more productively?

For example, it would be fun to use it to learn a new language, even if it’s just 15 words a week. Or if I were to give a speech the next day, I could definitely use sleep learning to keep my confidence at an all-time high.

There’s nothing wrong with improving a certain aspect of our life while we sleep. In fact, I wish I had found out about Sleep Programming sooner. It would certainly have given me a tremendous edge and have made my life so much easier!

The Sleep Programming Package is available in both Audio CD and Downloadable Version. I would recommend the Audio CD version if you have a slow internet connection, because the files are quite large and might take some time to download.

But if you want to save, have a fast internet connection or you will only be downloading it to your iPod – then the Downloadable Version would do. As my way of saying thanks for visiting my site, I have created the secret order link below for you to get the Downloadable Version at 41% Off!

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