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20 Jul

Sleep Programming Review: Did It Help My Friend John?

Posted in Sleep Programming Review on 20.07.10

A while back, I was searching for the most effective self-help programs when I chanced upon a Sleep Programming review. And now, here I am, ready with my own take on things.

But before I take things further, I must tell you how much time I have dedicated to personal development. I believe that it is one of the most important things to consider in life. That’s actually how I got into the science of sleep learning in the first place, or hypnopaedia as neuro-scientists call it.

I wanted to find a way to really get in touch with my inner self and unleash my unconscious mind power – using the least amount of time and effort. As of this moment, nothing compares to sleep programming when it comes to effortless and lasting personal change.

Just think about it. When is the best time for you to program your mind? Isn’t it when you’re at your most relaxed state? And when are you at your most relaxed state? It’s when you’re sleeping, of course!

Our mind is a powerful thing. Even when it’s asleep, it’s still receiving information. While you can program your mind to absorb information, you can also use sleep learning to improve other aspects of yourself that might be more difficult to deal with when you’re awake.

Take my friend John’s situation for example. He was not the most confident person in the room. That I can tell you right off the bat. And no matter how much he had tried to put himself out there, it’s really difficult for him to just switch to confident mode.

Learning a foreign language while awake is one thing, but consciously learning to be confident is another! That’s when I told John about the science of hypnopaedia. Since then, he has found it to be very useful in dealing with aspects of himself that he could not deal with while awake.

For my friend John, hypnopaedia has bridged the gap between his conscious and unconscious. He has only just begun exploring the wonders of sleep programming, but I can tell you right now that it has improved his self-esteem significantly!

If you want to experience that same change for yourself, I suggest you try your hand at sleep learning right away! I guarantee that you won’t even lose sleep over this.

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